Peer Forums

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There are a total of three collaborative Peer Forums, or “think tank" groups that will take place over the course of the Media Conservation Initiative. While conservators meet with peers at conferences and through other collaborative endeavors, it is rare to have complete days dedicated to frank discussions about nuanced daily work, much less to do so in an explicitly interdisciplinary setting. As a relatively new discipline, the field of media conservation still has a long way to go in terms of assumed practice due to the lack of and, paradoxically, diversity of training, all in part due to the more recent rapid impact of digital technology.

The goal of these forums is outreach and idea exchange amongst leaders in the field. Current practitioners as well as non-traditional players (e.x. technology industry) will be invited to participate in conversations on storage, access, documentation, and other topics. We will assess the realities of institutional practice and provide a space to discuss pertinent topics derived from these reflections.